About SACBC Justice and Peace Commission….

It is an advocacy agent established by the Catholic Church in Southern African to tackle the root causes of poverty, inequality and human rights injustice.

Our strategies to promote change: social mobilisation of Christians to become agents of social change, strategic litigation, prophetic voices of our bishops, networking and media advocacy.

We thank all our friends and donors…

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our generous individual givers and the following donors without whom our work would not be possible:

  • Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference
  • Misereor
  • Norwegian Church Aid
  • Norwegian Embassy in South Africa
  • Koch Foundation
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Christian Aid
  • Fastenopfer
  • DKA Austria
  • Missio Aachen

We believe that, to defeat poverty and injustice, we have to address the way power works:  the power of the poor to hold the powerful to account.

Among our tasks as witnesses to the love of Christ is that of giving a voice to the cry of the poor.” (Pope Francis, Address to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 14 June 2013)