The  SACBC justice and peace works for the strengthening of social movements that are involved in advocacy for land and agrarian reforms.   This is done in a way that ensures that the voice and agency of the social movements are strengthened, and not diminished by their association with the SACBC Justice and Peace.   The social movements are people’s organisations that emerge from people’s daily struggles.  Their aim is often to combine their grievances and collectively seek to effect changes that will improve their situation.   We would like to share some information on the social movements that SACBC Justice and Peace associates with.

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Landless People’s Movement is a movement that was formed in 2001 following a meeting of provincial representatives of various local regional landless formations.   This was to strengthen the capacity of these formations to organise and advocate for themselves, speed up the land reform programme and create public awareness about the needs and interests of the  rural landless in South Africa.  The National Land Committee, an NGO that comprised 7 land NGOs across the country was instrumental in the formation of the movement.

The Rural Network is a movement based in KwaZulu Natal, comprising local community organisations on farms and tribal lands in the province.  It is focused mainly on rural struggles.

Interview with Keilands' elder

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Vulamasango Singene is a movement based in the Eastern Cape.  It was established by the Border Rural Committee.  Its formation was necessitated by the exclusion from the land claims process.  The Eastern Cape communities whose claims were about their removals by the former Transkei and Ciskei homeland governments during implementation of betterment schemes, were prevented from lodging restitution claims.  Land Claims officials claimed that they did not qualify.  So, these communities organised themselves to protest this position.