Some of the human rights incidents in Swaziland that summon us to prayer and solidarity

Here are few of the current cases of human rights incidences directed at the members of the people’s united democratic movement (PUDEMO).

Mario Masuku (PUDEMO President) and Maxwell Dlamini (SWAYOCO-Pudemo youth league’s Secretary) were again denied bail last Thursday, 13th November 2014. They were remanded back to custody after their arrest on 1 May 2014, during a Workers’ Day celebration and charged with sedition.  Mario was arrested after making a speech from his political party, which was declared a banned entity by the state in 2010. Maxwell was arrested after leading workers in a song on the very same day.

Bheki Dlamini (SWAYOCO President), evaded arrest on the same day.   To date, he lives in exile in South Africa with many more Swazi who are also wanted by the state. They had appeared in front of Judge Mpendulo Simelane, who was recently appointed with a lot of controversy about his eligibility.

On the same Thursday, 13th November 2014, Sifiso Mabuza, a former Deputy president of Swayoco, a Pudemo Regional Secretary and a Branch Vice Secretary of SNAT(Swaziland National Teachers’ Association), was granted a R15 000 bail. He was arrested on Wednesday 12 November 2014 at Mpolonjeni High School. He was supposed to pay R5000 cash and provide R10 000 surety. This has since been paid and he is back to work and will await his appearance in court on 24th November 2014.   He was charged after a raid that had been conducted in his house 6 days ago, where 4 PUDEMO documents were found in his room. This raid was conducted without a search warrant. When the police arrived at his home, they indicated that they had come to search for explosives. But eventually, after they never got what they wanted, they took the documents which they later use to charge him, alleging that he supported a terrorist organisation.   As we speak, Sifiso Mabuza joins 7 other Pudemo members who are also out on the same bail conditions and charged with the same charges.