Men as Peace Makers

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” Matthew 5:10.   Commit yourself to a life of a peace maker.

Christian men should play a more active role in ending the violence in our society.  We are asking Christian men to make a promise to God that they will be actively involved in ending the violence.   We ask them to make this or similar promise:

I believe that Christ does not condone violence.  I believe that violence is never okay. I therefore promise God that I shall not be involved in any form violence in my family and in my community. I shall always challenge the men and women who are involved in abuse and violence.  I shall always offer support to the men, women and children who are experiencing abuse and violence.  I shall make sure that I recruit two men per month to make a similar promise.

It is important that you let us know when you have made a promise to God and have committed yourself to fight gender based violence.   We can then send you messages of support and prayer in your commitment as a peace maker.   We can also send you resources  that you can use in your commitment as a peace maker.  To let us know of your commitment,  please sign the form below.

You can also send us your details by sms.  In your text,  write  the word peacemaker followed by your name and surname and send it to the number 43366.  Standard rates apply.

Our target is to have half a million men who have made a promise by 2016.   The campaign has started in April 2014.   We shall soon update you on the number of men who have so far made the promise.

Pledges for Men as Peace Makers

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Marjorie Jobson South Africa
Selaelo Nkube South Africa
Mojalefa Msimanga South Africa
Sylvester Sienge Sudan, South
Jonathan Walton South Africa
Andile Hugh South Africa
Lele Ndlebe South Africa
Sanuse Makeleni South Africa
Kalie Senyane South Africa
Stefanus Silwer South Africa
Nhlanhla Vilakazi South Africa
Elsamma P Joseph India
Sr. Elsa P. Joseph Switzerland
Mokesh Kantilal Morar Morar South Africa
Joe Mashilo South Africa
Robert Mafinyori South Africa
Robert Mafinyori South Africa
tester tester Andorra
Kevin Kevin American Samoa
Displaying 1 - 20 of 20