On the 18th of October 2014, farm dwellers from about 10 farms near Mooi River met near the town of Mooi River to share thoughts about their responses to the unrelenting abuse they suffer on these farms.  Some local livestock farmers dump carcases from their farms too close to people yards, and thus exposing them to unbearable stench; families’ huts are demolished or reallocated without notice, resulting in overcrowding in huts and lack of privacy for adults; young people from these farms are denied job opportunities, farm owners preferring to employ people from outside the farms; physical beatings of adult males in front of children; fencing off of footpaths; restricting access to water and impoundment of livestock, which has resulted in loss of livestock.  

The farm dwellers are tired of this, and want to do something to bring this to a stop.  In relation to the impoundment of livestock, they all decided to attend a court case on the 11th of November at Howick, in solidarity with livestock owners whose cattle were impounded. They are calling on all people of good will to attend this court case and show solidarity.

With respect to the eviction and all actions mentioned above people mandated the Landless Peoples Movement leadership to approach the local police station commissioner who presided over a previous agreement between farm dwellers and farm owners to report the breaches on the part of the farm owners and demand immediate corrective action.