I live in Klerksdorp. I am thirty seven years old, married with three children. I am a panel beater with a local company. The work is exhausting with a little amount of money at the end of the week. Having being paid weekly I am able to put food table in my family on a weekly basis. My wife is not employed, so I am the only person with an income. My other two children attend school and as such I have to pay for their transport, and school fees.

To be honest it is not easy to provide end meets for the family of five alone. At times I am forced to rely on my brother who owns a pub and grill business. As a helper and regular at my brothers business I came across an ambassador for the man as peace maker’s project, who was facilitating a session with a group of about fifteen men in the pub. I got interested and participated. Having participated I realized I got empowered on how best can a man deal with challenges at the family, I shared that that sometimes I fight with my wife over a variety of issues. In most cases we fight over the issue on budget and particularly the money which I spent on booze. In most cases I argue with my wife that I cannot suffer while I am earning an income. This session was relevant because men were sharing openly. I found this to very helpful for me as a man who feel that a wife demands too much with very limited amount of money.

In this session with man, I got introduced to the gender based violence topic, we were searching for the causes of the violence, and searching for solutions to overcome it. I was made aware of the difference between gender and sex and this was truly eye opening. I will not miss this sessions in future because I will miss out personally. I shared this with my wife and she was very happy that our relationship will become safer and long.