Sister Lidia reports:

On 25th January, 2015,  Father Mkhwanazi and the catholic parish in Hlabisa invited the station comander from the Hlabisa SAPS, Mr. Dindi, to attend the Sunday service at Malusi Omuhle.  This was to mark the celebration of the police day as an attempt to strengthen partnerships between the Church, the community and the police.

Police Day

After mass, Mr. Dindi talked to the congregation about crime and what the police are doing to fight it.   His talk covered the following issues:

  • – Crime has no barrier and no boundaries
  • – Criminals live within our communities. They hide in our communities and we need to report to the police their where about.
  • – Crimes are committed by our own people especially young people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drugs is one of the items that are destroying families and young people. People under influence of drugs have different perceptions of the reality (small problems they perceive as big ones and big problems or challenges become small and easy for them). It is important to report to the police places or people who sells drugs. We need to uproot this evil from our community.
  • – As community, we are able to contribute towards combating crime by disciplining our children in small wrong doing (eg. stealing small money, etc), by informing the police about any criminal acts in the community, and by participating in the police community forum.
  • – The police asked the community to pray for security, protection and stability in our communities. Together we can win and combat crime.

Police Day at Malusi Omuhle – Hlabisa organized by Mrs Khethukuthula Nene